Kai bit his finger

Kai started crying and I asked “Whats wrong?”
Kai said, “I bit my finger.”
I asked, “Why did you bite your finger?”
“I thought it was a fry.”

He was holding a bunch of fries and his finger was in the middle of them when he chomped down.

Failed smog test in California

I recently failed my smog test in my 1995 Honda Civic EX.  I have 175k miles on the car and my catalytic converter needs replacing.  I didnt want to spend $1000’s of dollars making all the necessary repairs so I spoke with my neighbor who messes with cars.  He suggested to try the following:

  1. The most important thing to do before going to get smogged, is to get your engine and exhaust system hot.  Drive around for 30 minutes in 4th gear to flush out extra particles.
  2. Replace your spark plugs.  If a plug isn’t firing properly your going to have much … Continue Reading

The Phoenix

A quick summary of the Phoenix from Hot For Words…

Follow up to my fatigue

This is a follow-up to my post a few months ago regarding my fatigue. Although the B-Vitamins did help some, they seemed to only relieve the symptoms temporarily.

I started to suspect that it was my diet although I had no idea where to start. A few articles online led me to the idea of a food alergy. Researching that, I found that anyone can have alergies to all kinds of foods. I took a look at what I eat on a daily basis and I concluded that I eat wheat and dairy products every day. This was interesting because I … Continue Reading

XBox 360

Last week I obtained two of the much Hyped Xbox 360’s.  It started at 10pm in line at Frys in San Diego on November 21st.  When I first got in line there were a good 70 some people in front of me.  Throughout the night many people left realizing its rediculous to freeze your hind quarters off for a gaming console.  I must say I didnt get any sleep that night but 9 hours sure went by fast.  A guy in front of me took down names on a sheet and it was a good thing he did, because not … Continue Reading

Marcy Warky Schroedery Grout

My friend wrote this poem about me to the tune of Shel Silversteins poem, Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout, after I let the recycling in my cube overflow the bin.
He would not take the recycling out.
And from the box the cans did spout
And they fell on the floor all about.
Then Todd began to fume and pout.
But still Marcy Warky would
not take the recycling out.

Cans coke and mountain dew.
Diet pepsi, at least a few.
Old Indian food boxes and Wasabi snacks.
Tea and chocolate and 7up.
Brisk iced tea and that’s not all.
A few dried fruit cartons crumpled in a ball.

All these things were strewn about.
Ann Marie and Karin … Continue Reading

99 Dodge Ram 1500 5.2L Quad Cab Manual Transmission Problem

My check engine light came on after towing a boat and a uhaul a few hundred miles. My truck has 70k miles on it so its not suprising. The symptom my truck was having was when letting off the gas the truck would jerk forward and backwards. I just got the clutch replaced so I thought maybe there was something wrong with that. I thought I better see if the check engine light was the problem first because thats usually some cheap sensor that went bad. So I bought a diagnostic computer from Auto Zone and hooked it up to … Continue Reading

My neck, my back, my neck and my back

Sunday morning I woke up and couldnt move my neck. It feels like my disc or the muscles around c8 have completely froze up. I cannot move my head around and any sort of movement hurts. Usually it goes away the next day, but not this time. Going to head to the emergency room to see if they can look at. Uhhgh.

95 Honda Civic EX 5th Gear Problem

I just bought a 95 honda civic in pretty good condition. The clutch needed to be replaced so I had that done. However one small thing happened that could have been very expensive. The mechanics somehow, forgot to refill the transmission fluid back to normal, so on my way home from work it completely popped out of 5th gear and grinded a bit. After a few days of searching online, I learned it was the transmission and not the clutch. So checking the fluid level I found there wasnt any. Lovely. After refilling with about 2 quarts of manual transmission … Continue Reading

Raver Manifesto

This was posted to my bulletin on myspace and I think its the most beautiful thing. You said it for all of us, way to go ANG!

Body: Our emotional state of choice is Ecstasy.
Our nourishment of choice is Love.
Our addiction of choice is technology.
Our religion of choice is music.
Our currency of choice is knowledge.
Our politics of choice is none.
Our society of choice is utopian though we know it will never be.

You may hate us.
You may dismiss us.
You may misunderstand us.
You may be unaware of our existence.

We can only hope you do not care to judge us, because we would … Continue Reading

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